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2, 3 and 4 year-old funding

Information for parents

If your child is 3 years old, they will be eligible to receive 15 hours universal funding. You may also be eligible for the extended 15 hours funding. To check your eligibility please go to where you will receive an eligibility code. It is then your responsibility to update this code every 3 months. Please be aware that if you do not access your code, or update it when needed, you will miss out on your funding.

2-year-old funding is also available to those who meet the required criteria.

Funding Offer.

15 hrs as before will be universal to be used as and when you would like.

If you choose not to stretch your 30 hrs funding, the funded hours can only be claimed between the times of 9am – 3pm over 38 weeks of the year. Stretched funding can be used over 50 weeks of the year at 22.4 hrs per week. When stretching the hours, they can be used between the times of 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Any hours used outside of the funding will be charged at the hourly rate and this hourly rate will be reviewed annually.

Additional service charge

The annual increase in Living Wage rates, food and general running costs for the Early Years sector will be supported by charges for ‘Additional Services’.

The funding that the Government provides does not cover the cost of consumables such as snacks and meals, craft, baking and equipment or extra services such as ILD learning journeys, parent’s evenings and reports, staff training, qualified Early Years professionals etc. Therefore, there is an Additional Service charge to cover these costs:

8am-6pm = £11.00

8am-1pm = £6.50

1pm-6pm = £4.50

8am-3pm = £8.00

9am-3pm = £7.00

If you provide your child’s meals, then the ‘Additional Service’ charge will be reduced by half.

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding the above.