Moat Barn Nursery School
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The Seedlings (0-2 years)

The baby room caters for children aged from birth through to 24 months or when we feel the children are ready to progress to the next room. Within the room we have a room leader and staff with specific age related experience. The room works along the staff ratio of 1:3. We will endeavour to follow the same routine that you as a parent have established in the home environment and will actively look to work in partnership with parents to achieve this.

We have our own sleep area within the nursery with cots for the children to sleep in. the children have there own bedding which is fresh every day. The children are checked on a regular basis and a baby monitor is in operation in the room at all times.

There is a specific baby designed bathroom which is used for changing and we do ask that all nappies and wipes be provided by parents.

Throughout the day children are provided with two nutritious meals and a healthy snack both morning and afternoon. Children’s cups are made accessible at all times.

Our main area is laid out to provide a very home from home environment. The room provides a welcoming and nurturing environment for each individual child. The equipment within the room is carefully chosen to ensure that all children are stimulated and that activities encourage all areas of development. We believe that children need to learn thorough having hands on exploration of toys, materials and their own environment. A sofa provides a quiet feeding space and the opportunity for a group interacting time.

A low level water, sand tray and painting unit provide the children the opportunity to in investigate and explore a wide range of materials. We also ensure that the children experience a wide range of material from their own environment through the use of treasure baskets.

The main area is a light and spacious room that has windows which are set at a low level so that children can pull themselves up enabling them to watch the other children outside.

We have French doors which lead out onto the decked area which is shared with the under threes. This then leads on to a main garden which can be utilised throughout the day, allowing the children to explore the climbing frames and the sensory garden.

Individual daily diaries are written to provide parents with information on how their child has progressed throughout the day; this will include meals, nappies, sleep, milestones and specialist information.