Moat Barn Nursery School
Tel: 01473 738282


On a Monday afternoon we have a French teacher who visits the nursery. She introduces the children to basic French phrases through the use of rhymes, songs, stories and games which allow the children to be physically involved in the learning activity.


On a Monday morning we have a dance instructor that visits the nursery. She introduces the children to differing dance techniques and bending and stretching exercises to music. We incorporate dance and movement within our every day activities that we offer each week.


On alternate Tuesday and Thursday mornings we have a visit from ‘Mini Melodies’. This is a music group that introduces the children to a range of percussion instruments, rhythm, pitch, tempo, and dynamics with the aid of a multi cultural puppet. We incorporate music into our every day activities throughout the week.


Children aged between three and five are offered the chance to develop their confidence in the water during a swimming session on a Friday afternoon at Dolphin pools. The session involves both being taught how to swim and also incorporates safety aspects by using games to encourage children to build confidence in the water by making swimming fun.

Nimble Nippers

Every other Wednesday morning the children are given the opportunity to join in with Nimble Nippers, which encourages coordination and ball skills developing spatial awareness and gross motor skills.